Friday, March 13, 2009

Sit back... relax.... and stay a while y'all

It really just kind of happened by accident that three guys with bigger dreams than paychecks found themselves buying 'vacation' property that two had never seen before. The papers were shipped from SC to KC to LV to SC... all was signed... and the deal was done! More unbelieveable was all three partners were married... and still are today. What kind of a wife puts blind faith in her husband in these times of financial turbulance? Luckily all three are still married as of today :) ... no telling when the NEXT property comes along.

The innagural trip for the partners occurred in November 2008 and it was a surprising success... leaving KCI with an ice storm approaching and arriving in beautiful Charleston, SC... 70 degrees... sunny skies... beautiful views... cold beer.... and GOLF. Perfect fit.

We invite you to relax & enjoy BEACH & BUNKERS, the beautiful people of Pawley's Island South Karralahhna and the 'low country' way, where their motto is "arrogantly shabby"...Perfect fit.

Please help by contributing your comments & suggestions for anything related to the area (Golf courses, restaurants, activities & events, shopping... or even unrelated stuff if it makes a good story:)


  1. Lucky enough to be headed down next week. The temp in KC is about 45 and rainy today... of course SC is about 80 and sunny. For peak season the golf rates are still FANTASTIC! around

  2. I saw an article in this months Golf Digest that mentions the great deals for golf around the Myrtle Beach area. I think 3 of the top 10 courses are in Pawleys Island. Caledonia, True Blue & Heritage. What a beautiful area!!