Thursday, June 4, 2009

Local Golf Courses

Well... so far we've only been able to play 3 local courses... and I wonder why we'd even want to try any others! Here's a quick run-down of all threes:

1. True Blue - Beautifully rugged with LARGE drive-thru waste bunkers. Excellent course layout and views. If I had one complaint it's the fairways may be a little thin for boys from the midwest that are used to thick zoysia grass.

2. Caledonia - Located right behind True Blue and on the river. Absolutely gorgeous and the FLAGSHIP course for South Carolina Golf. 100+ year old oaks draped with Spanish moss. If you have to choose just one course to play - this is it. Almost every single hole is a postcard and you really don't see one hole from the other so you feel like you're playing the only hole on the course. Foliage is gorgeous - which is why this is rated #1 public course for women and Top 100 in the country.

3. Heritage - This is the sleeper of the bunch and only 1 mile South of True Blue & Caledonia. Very similar to Caledonia but with more wildlife and less flowers. I HIGHLY recommend playing this course if you have the opportunity. This course has the large, 100 year old oaks as well, but even MORE history. The original plantation owners cemetary is just off one tee-box and the slave cemetary off another. Very historic and beautiful course.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sit back... relax.... and stay a while y'all

It really just kind of happened by accident that three guys with bigger dreams than paychecks found themselves buying 'vacation' property that two had never seen before. The papers were shipped from SC to KC to LV to SC... all was signed... and the deal was done! More unbelieveable was all three partners were married... and still are today. What kind of a wife puts blind faith in her husband in these times of financial turbulance? Luckily all three are still married as of today :) ... no telling when the NEXT property comes along.

The innagural trip for the partners occurred in November 2008 and it was a surprising success... leaving KCI with an ice storm approaching and arriving in beautiful Charleston, SC... 70 degrees... sunny skies... beautiful views... cold beer.... and GOLF. Perfect fit.

We invite you to relax & enjoy BEACH & BUNKERS, the beautiful people of Pawley's Island South Karralahhna and the 'low country' way, where their motto is "arrogantly shabby"...Perfect fit.

Please help by contributing your comments & suggestions for anything related to the area (Golf courses, restaurants, activities & events, shopping... or even unrelated stuff if it makes a good story:)